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Video Interviews – the web-savy recruiter’s newest tool

Posted by | June 14, 2013 | Job Poster Advice

Interviews are going digital.

Interviews are going digital. New online video interview services for recruiters and employers are an innovative disruption to the traditional recruitment dance of in-person interviews. What sets these services apart from Skype and other video chat services are the suite of integrated recruitment-focused services.

For example at Hirevue recruiters can use their “interview on demand” service. The Hirevue platform allows employers to develop a standardized list of questions, email a link to a prospect and then watch the recorded interview at will. Hirevue has digital feedback forms, tips and metrics for interviewers and safe, secure software. Hirevue will even handle mailing out the necessary hardware to potential hires.

Candid Capture  offers a similar suite of services and is designed specifically for HR firms. Companies with high volume recruitment can benefit from features that have resumes, work samples and references packaged with the video interviews.

Video interviews promise to cut costs, boost efficiency and deliver superior results by allowing for consistent interviews. Recruiters will need to be savvy about the interview questions they ask, a question that is potentially incorrect will be asked of every single candidate.

The other pitfall is the movie star trap. Not every candidate is going to do well in a video interview and there are others that will shine in the visual medium. Sorting out the natural actors whom the camera loves from the excellent candidates who have on-screen nerves will require careful resume evaluation. Plus, as video interviews become more common, candidates will polish their video skills to a high shine and it may become harder for recruiters to obtain in-depth answers without the opportunity for immediate follow-up questions.

In the hunt for talent, video recruitment is going to become a major piece of the human capital puzzle. It has tremendous potential for any company looking to hire from outside their local job pool. Plus, recruiters can watch and re-watch videos to get a clear picture of the candidate, away from the rushed first impression of a single interview. In a tight labour market those benefits can’t be overlooked.

Now is the time for HR directors to say, “Lights, camera, action.”